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MuleTrac Equipment

MuleTrac 2.5 ton 32HP Excavator w/ Kubota engine.



R330 excavator is used to restore ground, break concrete, and for cable installation, water pipe laying, planting, cleaning of river/ditch and construction projects. It has several functions: excavation, breaking, ditch cleaning, drilling, bulldozing, etc.

Product Description
①、Kubota engine, stable operation, fuel saving and abundant power.
②、All-round cab, good sight line, can be equipped with air conditioning, comfortable operating environment.
③、The wiring harnesses all use national standard wires, and the plug connectors are all imported plug connectors, which are convenient for later replacement of accessories, and an integrated fuse box is used to facilitate maintenance and inspection.
④、The swing motor has a two-way relief valve for protection of the internal components of the motor and smooth operation.
Conveniently switch between CAT or John Deere control patterns. The excavator utilizes name brand major components
⦁ Kubota engine
⦁ Parker hydraulic pump
⦁ Parker BCV 65-11 hydraulic control valve
⦁ Eaton hydraulic rotary motor
⦁ Zhen Jiang hydraulic drive motors


⦁ Reliable accessories enhance the overall performance of the machine.
⦁ Single-forging forming cylinder, not easy to break, built-in NOK seal.
⦁ Use thicker high-quality steel, apply plastic molding process, prevent rust and anti-corrosion.
⦁ The use of internationally renowned brand reducers provides smooth operation and high reliability.
⦁ The 360-degree body rotates freely, and the smart body facilitates outdoor work.
Compare to the Bobcat E20 excavator at $41,000. Our price is $33,432 . That is a savings of 16%!

Kubota engine / Pilot multiple valve / Pilot control handle / U.S.A Eaton motor/ Imported cylinder, tubing with build-in NOK sealing ring / Adjustable dozer blade / Wear-resistant engineering rubber track / Adjustable driver’s seat / Standard bucket / Side sway function / Hydraulic lock
Hammer / Ripper / Log grapple / Rake / Auger drill / Large bucket / Closed cab / Mud bucket APPLICATION. Applicable to indoor demolition, toilet upgrading,engineering forcible entry,excavate barren hills,small earthwork, municipal projects,break concrete,dredging river and other working environment.
Total weight 5512 lbs
Total length 143.1 in
Total width 47,2 in
Total height 89.4 in
Max. digging radius 161.4 in
Max. digging depth 86.6 in
Max. digging height 126.0 in
Max. dumping height 110.2 in
Min. ground clearance 8.3 in
Engine brand Kubota
Engine model
Output power2 32 HP
Walking speed 0-2.8 miles/h
Climbing angle 35°

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